Care Through the End of Our Lives (Oct. 2023)

By Mark Zawacki

Making the decision to enter end of life care is a difficult and emotional. The stress of finding adequate and compassionate end-of-life care options only makes this time more challenging.

One of the primary goals of the Homes with Heart campaign is to provide homes where care is optimal in every phase of a person’s life, right up through end-of-life care. Heritage Christian Services seeks to make this time of transition as seamless as possible, for the person in this phase of life and their loved ones.

We take a multi-faceted approach to end-of-life care, ensuring that loved ones and their families are surrounded by caring, knowledgeable and familiar staff who can support their medical and spiritual needs. They are trained to be effective communicators with families and loved ones, and can recognize what a person needs and ensure that need is fulfilled. We work to ensure that homes supported by HCS can handle the medical equipment needed to sustain care, from hospital beds to ventilators, so that people don’t need to move into more clinical settings, where this type of familiar and compassionate care is harder to find.

The end of our lives is a time when we are at our most fragile. Doesn’t everyone deserve a place where we can face the end of their lives with loved ones by their side, in a place that truly feels like home?