How to Give With Triple Impact (Aug. 2023)

By Mark Zawacki

For the Larrabees, family always comes first. That includes Mimi, who lives in a Heritage Christian Services-supported home on Stony Point Road in Grand Island.

Before she came to a Grand Island, a change in Mimi’s health meant she needed to move to a more accessible environment. The rehab facility where she was sent was hit hard by Covid-19: of the 88 people on-site, 80 would contract the disease. Mimi was one of few who did not catch it, but it was clear to her sister Pat that she needed to be somewhere safer.

The search for a new home for Mimi was arduous and stressful, but eventually she came to her HCS-supported home. Unlike other clinical settings they had come across in the long-term care landscape, the HCS home, located in a neighborhood in Grand Island, was fully accessible. Mimi moved into her new home in June of 2020. She was content and her family was relieved and grateful to know she was safe.

Pat and her sons, Adam and Brendan, hope they can help more people like Mimi find and stay in a home where they can age in place safely and comfortably. They are matching $2 for every $1 dollar donated to the Homes with Heart campaign. You give $1.00 and they will donate $2.00, tripling your gift! Your gift of $25 becomes $75. Your gift of $100 becomes $300. And so it goes. It’s a rare opportunity to see your gift multiply, and you’ll have our gratitude for keeping Mimi and so many others safe immeasurable.